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spoop... spoopymancy? spooplemancy. dammit. whatev

HELLO I am Margaret and I am VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT MAGICAL GIRLS and I draw too many selfie doodles and nobody should have ever trusted me with a blog


Dec 26 '12

Okay so THIS IS SLIGHTLY EMOTIONAL FOR ME because this is the first year I’ve ever been able to fill out one of these memes! The first! Ever!

I am not a confident person! I put myself down a lot. I get depressed over my artwork very easily and sometimes I wonder why I bother at all. But today I am really, really proud of myself because I can do a 12-month review for the first time ever and the only month I had to fudge was May (I’m forgiving myself for that, I got really sick. >_>;). There were even a few months where I had trouble choosing what to put in the box. And I looked back on all the stuff I did this year and realized I learned a lot. I learned to draw with a tablet. I survived a painting class. I opened a shop. I did some commissions and requests. I livestreamed and didn’t freak out. My follower count doubled, too.

I feel like I grew a lot this year. And I have to thank you guys for all your encouragement and likes and reblogs and nice messages. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t wait to do this again in 2013!

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